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Having thought of myself as a feminist all my life, I soon realized throughout adulthood that there is so much more to womanhood for Black Women, than we are lead to believe. Though most would agree that women of every culture suffer in some way from being raised in a male dominating world, against all sociocultural odds, Black Women continuously “shatter glass ceilings”! We are the backbone of society! We are not just mothers and caregivers, but also: teachers, politicians, engineers, nurses, friends, partners, and human beings who deserve love, support, honor, and equality. In a world where there is one crisis after another, it’s important that Black Women know we’re not just on this planet to give counsel and support, but to receive such as well.
So I went in search of a sense of belonging, first in myself, in my womanhood, then in my sisters, and t
he Black Girl Magic I experienced was nothing short of amazing! The more intentional I became with the women in my life,


I rediscovered the needs required to be one. Beautiful friendships begin to emerge, and that inspiration led to the creation of Conscious Sisterhood Social Club; liberating the feminine and social wellness of Black Women!

Women thrive better when we have a sense of belonging and community, and sisterhood goes way beyond mimosas and brunch. It’s the emotional support that makes you feel seen, heard, and respected. Considering our sociocultural odds in this country, I believe it is important that Black Women shed those crippling stigmas and collectively explore the liberating freedom of standing in our own power, together! Black Women need Black Women to fully understand and embrace our unique femininity. Through a Conscious Sisterhood, you are able to identify your limiting beliefs and develop healthier habits of thought, emotion, and behavior, to confidently met life’s challenges with self assurance and succeed! 


Certified Life Coach | Feminine & Social Wellness Consultant | Community Leader

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