Like many others I was determined to discover my true purpose. In the corporate world I tried a little bit of everything. I worked for law firms, call centers, food chains, and hotels. Throughout the phases of marriage and motherhood, I mustered up the courage to earn my life coach certification and launch a nonprofit organization in 2017. It was called, "She Is Goals". The idea was to create a structural environment that would support young women through the phases of adulthood; middle school to high school, high school to college, and college to independence.

The vision was great, but I struggled to execute it. I went back and forth to the drawing board, passionately trying to perfect the ideal environment for women actively pursuing to be their best, in spite of what they have been through. Therefore, I did a spiritual fast which included no food or water, for three days. During that time, God gave me a new vehicle of influence for my impact in our Houston communities; "Conscious Sisterhood Social Club''. This approach has given me the flexibility to invoke the change my community deserves, and can appreciate.


The woman behind the brand



FOUNDER & CEO -- Houston, TX

Hi there, I am the Founder & CEO of Houston's new vehicle of influence creating harmonious social experiences for black women to build productive relationships, Conscious Sisterhood Social Club. Outside of my community involvement,  I found a career that aligns with my passion for people. I have been a Human Resources Administrator for 5 years, and I absolutely love it! The most rewarding aspect of my profession is knowing that my feedback not only matters, but influences the future of a company. I am married to an incredible man and we share 3 beautiful children. My family is the common denominator for my optimistic and positive outlook on life. I am adventurous and always open to trying new things. So far, I have been parasailing in Rio De Janeiro, jet skiing in South Padre Island, sky diving in San Marcos, and scuba diving in Cancun! There's not a dull moment in my world.